I picked up Unstoppable by Ralph Nader for $5.00. It was on the “Last Chance” rack outside of Books-A-Million. In the book, Ralph Nader gives examples of times when political factions have overcome their normally antagonistic natures to form an “unstoppable coalition.” He goes on to outline twenty-five areas in which he believes a coalition of factions would be “unstoppable” and would lead, in his opinion, to a more perfect union.

I do not necessarily recommend the book, nor do I agree with many of Mr. Nader’s conclusion. However, his ideas, taken one by one do provide a convenient catalyst for discussions of the American political landscape. For instance, Mr. Nader’s overall bias seems to be that Corporations are far too powerful and influential in America. While some recent events lend credence to that perspective, I believe it would be unwise to bring America to its knees by hamstringing the entrepreneurial spirit of American Corporations with excessive regulation.

The title of chapter four of the book is “Twenty-five Proposed Redirections and Reforms through Convergent Action”. Chapter five discusses each of the proposed actions in some further detail.

Below you will find a list of Ralph Nader’s twenty-five proposed actions. Only the first item in the list will be an active link on this first day of the project (Wednesday 6/15/2016). Over the course of the next month additional items in the list will become active links. When each link is activated it will lead to paraphrasing of Mr. Nader’s proposal. At the end of the summary of Mr. Nader’s idea you will also find a link called “WinLoseorDraw’s Commentary.” That link will reveal what I have to say on the subject….my capsule analysis.

The first activated item is Defense Budget over run/oversight. Click the link below to read the summary, and then, if you see fit, click the Commentary link to read my capsule analysis. Then please go back and add a comment of your own to the overall discussion.



  1. Defense budget over run/oversight                                     Activated
  2. End corporate subsidies and bailouts
  3. Regulate government contracting to eliminate “sweet heart” contracting with “preferred” vendors
  4. Link the minimum wage to inflation     Actvated
  5. Tax reform                                                   Activated
  6. Break up banks and institutions  that are too big to fail
  7. Facilitate charity
  8. Loosen the legal restrictions on standing to sue
  9. Increase grass roots ballot initiatives
  10. Facilitate locally owned community businesses
  11. Modify the electoral process              Activated
  12. Defend and Extend Civil Liberties    Activated
  13. Modify schools                                     Activated
  14. End unconstitutional wars and unchecked militarism
  15. Reverse or revise the North American Free Trade Association (N.A.F.T.A.) and the World Trade Organization (W.T.O.)
  16. Stop child directed commercialism
  17. Abolish corporate personhood
  18. Exercise more control of public commons
  19. Get tough on corporate crime
  20. Empower the owner-shareholders of public corporations
  21. Ban the patenting of life forms
  22. Rethink the war on drugs
  23. Prioritize the protection of our environment
  24. Advance health
  25. Diffuse convergence