For Whom to Vote

This posting is designed to help you decide for whom to vote in the upcoming Presidential election.

Plot spoiler: You should vote for whomever most completely agrees with you on the major issues that face us today. Voting for either Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton is problematic because they are going to be very careful to stick to their scripts for fear of alienating their perceived constituents, and you will have a hard time determining how they really feel about many of the important issues.

The two party system has failed, and we, as voters, have allowed it to fail us. Obviously there are at least two Republican parties this year. There are two Democrat parties as well. Both parties are divided horizontally between top and bottom, but the Democrats are doing a slightly better job of concealing their fracturing.

Most people this year will be voting against the Democrat or against the Republican, but I am going to suggest that you instead do the right thing and find someone for whom to vote.

This blog site is called Find Your Nation for good reason. It is dedicated to the benefits of enlightened self-interest. Connect here with others who agree with you. There is strength in numbers.

Below you will find a list of major issues. In the future each item in the list will be activated. Once activated you will find a brief discussion of that issue and a link to my personal take on that issue. My opinions are offered as a point of reference only and are not meant as an attempt to persuade you. Most of these issues are intractable and will not be resolved any time soon.

The list of proposed issues/topics is below the activated issue/topics. The uppermost activated topic  will always be the one most recently activated.

Immigration as an issue/topic was activated on this blog on 9/17/2016.

Brief discussion of Immigration in general:

Immigration has been a controversial problem in many countries and for all of recorded history. Immigration problems are not unique to our time nor our country. Some people who want to make immigration a political issue are unaware of the historical perspective or are willfully overlooking it.

Most, if not all, countries that are seen as desirable for immigrant relocation have instituted measures designed to allow educated and highly skilled immigrants while limiting less skilled and less educated individuals.

Immigration can result in both benefits and problems. Employers may benefit from having a large pool of employees from which to choose.  Immigrant laborers, on the other hand, may find either new opportunities or unemployment. If immigrants find themselves in a place that does not need people with their particular abilities, they may find themselves in dire straits, forced to become a liability to their new society.

Even when leading exemplary lives, Immigrants are often met with hostility and resentment.

Win Lose or Draw’s perspective on Immigration–Active Link

Racism as an issue/topic was activated on this blog on 9/10/2016.

Win Lose or Draw’s perspective on the issue of Racism  Active Link

The most intractable issue, and the first to be activated, is abortion. This issue was activated on 9/3/2016.

Brief discussion of the Abortion issue in general:

Evidence of this issue and the debate over the proper handling of it appears in the earliest of written records of the ancient world and in every succeeding generation since. Are you on the side of the unborn child or do you agree that an unwanted child could destroy the life of a poverty stricken mother or her family? You might also argue that unwanted pregnancies put an undue burden on society as a whole.

Win Lose or Draw’s perspective on the abortion issue    Active Link


List of additionally proposed issues/topics, but yet to be activated or discussed:

Another issue is Isolation

Another issue is Foreign Aide:

Another issue is the Glass Ceiling

Another issue is Nationalism versus States’ Rights

Another issue is Gay Rights

Another issue is Minimum Wages

Another issue is the Budget Deficit

Another issue is Tax Reform

Another issue is School Reform

Another issue is the War on Drugs

Another issue is the Environment and Global Warming