Bloviators Crossing the Line

Bill Maher and Rush Limbaugh have something in common. They are both worth avoiding and for the same reason—their sweeping generalization and gross exaggerations are divisive and reprehensible.

Therefore, so you do not have to listen to either one, WinLoseorDraw will. WinLoseorDraw will set his timer for five minutes each and record the worst things said in those brief time spans.

Bill Maher:         3/9/2018 on HBO

“Everything that was unthinkable two years ago is thinkable now… Dictatorship… Facism … all those kinds of things…. Nuclear War…. Nothing is off the table.”

Rush Limbaugh: 3/20/2018          WOKV   104.5

“The Palestinians want to eliminate all Jews.” And …”Robert Mueller is working for the Democrats.”

By the way, a major theme of Rush’s show is that Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton are somehow still responsible for all the problems that we face.