In the years prior to the 2016 Presidential election, then President Obama took a lot of verbal abuse. WinLoseorDraw heard a lot of anti-Obama rhetoric on the softball fields while playing softball with other old guys. These guys castigated former President Obama’s every move in grimly, jovial fashion. When Osama Bin Laden was captured and killed, WinLoseorDraw was expecting a slight nod of approval from the other ball players; but WinLoseorDraw was disappointed. Former President Obama got no credit.

WinLoseorDraw has listened to Sean Hannity and Rush Limbaugh enough to be able to recognize the distinctive flavor of their rhetoric. WinLoseorDraw soon realized he could stop tuning into Hannity and Limbaugh. He was getting a solid dose of those programs every gameday.

As the 2016 candidates were beginning to vie for the nomination, the support amongst ballplayers for Donald Trump was not strong. They were heard to express vague preferences for other candidates. However, as the ground-swell for Mr. Trump got underway, the support of the ballplayers also solidified. The rhetoric of Hannity and Limbaugh was again being re-broadcast on the ballfield. They praised candidate Trump as a businessman. They said the country needs to be run “like a business”. They castigated the other candidates as “politicians”, and they said the word “politician” with a sneer.

A brief digression: WinLoseorDraw shares the ballplayer’s disdain for most politicians. They almost always adopt a subtly elitist perspective as soon as they get elected.

Back to the main point: Recent events have called President Trump’s reputation as a non-political businessman into question. In WinLoseorDraw’s humble opinion, President Trump is totally out-politicking the politicians. He is the most political President ever. Does that make him the best politician or the worst? Only future history will tell.