If the election were being held now instead of November, who would you vote for?

It’s an impossible choice with no good answer, but I will tell you something of my preferences. But first:

Our elections have devolved into popularity contests. It’s not a good way to pick a President. It’s not even a good way to choose a prom queen. 

I would choose the person who most closely matches my values and concerns, but the Democrats and Republicans will make sure that person will not be an available choice. They will field two candidates that pole well regardless of their values and beliefs.

I resemble the disgruntled Democrat in this Crumb cartoon, but I will vote. I will vote for the most fiscally conservative and socially moderate candidate available. The perfect candidate for me would be a moderate Dem with a Rep brain. So put Rand Paul or Bill Weld’s brain in Amy Klobachar’s body, then I’d have a candidate I could believe in.