Here’s a timely poem:


All the votes have been counted,

All the courts have said no.

You’re all out of options—

Now pack your shit and go.

It’s clear that you’re angry,

That you’re feeling quite low…

That feeling’s called losing.

So pack your shit and go.

Pick up a new hobby,

Like knitting or banjo.

Or call your favorite hooker…

Just pack your shit and go.

Start a cable network,

Try talk radio,

There’s an opening at Limbaugh…

But you gotta pack your shit and go.

Cuz you treated your job

Like a reality show…

Well, now it’s been cancelled

So pack your shit and go.

No matter what future history hwill have to say about the Trump presidency, it is clear he has overstayed his welcome.

One thing we can thank him for: On Jan 6 he turned on the kitchen lights and we got to see some of the cockroaches that have been hiding in the American woodwork.