Two months ago, I posted American Dualism in which I pointed out that all of us here in my great country are seeking the same thing, increased self-determination. As with almost all of my postings, I lamented that we are constantly butting heads about the best way to attain that goal.

I went on to point out an obvious flaw in our Representative form of Democracy, namely that we reject at least half and often all of the representatives we choose. It is inevitable, no matter who we elect. We can keep the current system of representative Democracy. It’s not really the problem. The way forward is for those representatives to be more responsive to the wants and needs of the citizenry.

I ended my January post with the following words:

Proposed: Let’s try to find a balance between the outcomes we would personally like to see and what is ultimately best for our country.

I had called for a solution without describing one. We can heal our gigantic national divide and the steps we will need to take are outlined below.

The nature of our giant national divide is this: Half the country vehemently, vociferously, and sometimes violently defends the principles of Free Enterprise and self-determination upon which our country was founded. For lack of a better word, we call those people Conservatives. However, Big Business is contractually obligated to prioritize profits, not people. It should not be therefore surprising that the focus on the bottom line sometimes leads them to make decisions without considering the impact on their workers, even sometimes, as was the recent case of Purdue Pharma, not even in the best interests of its customers.

The other half of the country correctly points out that Free Enterprise sometimes runs roughshod over the common man. They call for increased governmental protections to enhance fairness and equity. For lack of a better word, we call those people Liberals.

The economics of Free Enterprise and Socialistically controlled Liberalism are fundamentally incompatible, but we don’t have to merge them. They can co-exist peacefully, side-by-side. The solution to American Dualism is simple social engineering allowing for both. To some extent, we already have it.

We already have a niche of Worker Owned industry. We can encourage and facilitate the growth of that type of business. When people work together towards a common goal, they are happier and more fulfilled, and it is hard to overstate the satisfaction that can be experienced when the profits from a woman or man’s labor winds up in his or her own pocket.

When workers are the shareholders, their needs are naturally better served.

See NECO: the National Center for Employee Ownership for more stats.

Suffice it to say these types of Worker Owned businesses, although currently few in number, are already widespread throughout the economic fabric in every type of industry and concern.

Meanwhile, let’s unleash the power of Free Enterprise.

Strike down economic restrictions on business. Of course, it will still be necessary to keep in place the existing laws against fraud and negligent harm, but do not institutionalize roadblocks. Profits pay salaries and often keep prices low.

Unions would and should become unneeded. They are already seen by Industry as a drag on the motor that keeps them moving, because they are. We have needed union so far to protect the rights of workers, but we can create a future in which, workers will be empowered to protect themselves.

Ex-president Trump’s administration reduced the corporate income tax rate to 21 percent. Let’s keep it there. A higher corporate tax rate just encourages offshore dealings and money sheltering.

Why continue the competition between the Public (government) sector and the Private sector? We should not even have a Public sector. Let’s eliminate it! Government should not be in business. Let’s transfer the Public Sector into Worker Owned Cooperatives and facilitate their growth!

Let’s stop fighting each other and learn to live with our differences.

The way forward is to increase self-determination for Americans on both sides of the political spectrum. Let’s make it a friendly competition. Let the marketplace, instead of the political parties, make these decisions peacefully and without animosity. People can choose to work for themselves or to work for a wage. America should be based on the freedom to choose, and we will be better off if we work to make that happen.