CP said, “I wish we could do an experiment and send all leftists to an island and then compare the mainland US to it in 100 years.”

It occurs to me that CP’s suggestion doesn’t conform to the most important scientific conventions namely that there must be only one variable, all else must remain equal, Ceteris Paribus. Scientific methodology would insist that there should be, not one, but two islands absolutely equal in resources and difficulty of terrain, etc. The lone variable would be political persuasion, an Island for the Left and an Island for the Right.

As pictured above, the two islands should be close enough for them to communicate with each other between islands, but far enough away that they can not communicate directly with the mainlands. No cell phone coverage! Supplies airlifted in once a month if you like (or not!), but the same basic resources for both islands no matter what.

William Golding’s famous novel, Lord of the Flies, postulated a scenario in which young boys, fully socialized and with extensive school training devolved rapidly in a similar situation, some more rapidly and completely than others; but they were children. We might expect that the adults on the Island of the Left and the Island of the Right might make a better showing for themselves, but maybe not. What do you think?

Thought Project Proposal: Let’s collaborate!

  1. Nominate people from both the left and right to go to the islands! Post your nominations for the Island of the Left or for the Island of the Right.
  2. Modify or suggest modifications to the rules as stated above.
  3. Speculate as to how things would play out!

I will tabulate results and re-post them.

I’ll start! I nominate Alexandra Ocasio Cortez to go immediately to the Island of the Left, and Donald Trump to live on the Island of the Right.

I predict they would suddenly discover reasons to cooperate!