We are driving each other crazy!

Thousands of examples are available, more every day. These examples I am talking about illustrate racial animus, a person or persons of one race expressing antipathy and displeasure with a person or persons of another. Often these expressions of displeasure are violent, sometimes deadly. It does no good to point out specific examples of violence of one race against another. They are too numerous and ubiquitous on all sides, African American, Caucasian, Hispanic, Asian, all ethnicities, and all races. It does no good to point our fingers in any one direction. I had egregious examples lined up, but I won’t use them. You already know them. You hear the media reports every day. They are very hard to ignore, but I suppose some do.

We are adept at over-reacting to racial animus directed at us while ignoring and de-emphasizing it when it impacts others. Many choose to mentally emphasize some reports and discount others, but that only exacerbates the problem. In fact, that kind of selective acceptance of the problem aggravates our debilitating national animus.

Many people recognize that we have a national mental health crisis. Few of us want to discuss the fact that our mental health crisis is rooted in deep seated pockets of racial animus.

My friends on the right mistakenly claim that the Quote/Unquote media (always portrayed by the right as a monolithic and malicious liberal entity) buries and somehow condones African American violence against whites. Then they point out false examples of reverse discrimination and obstinately wail about their disappearing rights. The usual response from the right towards the real difficulties of African Americans is to say something to the effect that African Americans should stop complaining and instead do something more to curtail the high levels of crime committed by the less law-abiding elements of their race. Finger pointing!

My friends on the left mistakenly blame the system, incorrectly blaming institutionalized racism for our problems. The problem is not in our institutions. It is in us!

Proposed: Let’s stop pointing fingers, and let’s stop demanding that the world instantly conform itself to our expectations!

Proposed: If you reside on the ideological right, stop getting angry every time someone says we need to have more thoughtful and healthy discussions about race and the feelings and concerns of other races. Colin Kaepernick let his feelings be known. He didn’t commit treason. Discussions about race problems are going to continue, yes, possibly even in our schools. Buckle up and go with it. Your angry denials about the importance of those discussions doesn’t help and does, in fact, the opposite.

Proposed: If you reside on the ideological left, stop pontificating! You don’t have all the answers. You just think you do. When you say nothing will work except a complete restructuring of society, you are wrong! Overly simple answers always are!

A song comes to mind. You know the one: Get Together – The Youngbloods – with lyrics – YouTube

Rock and Roll Genius!

My Easter wishes for us!