I’ll start with a disclaimer! I am not a Trump hater! It is none of his policy decisions that disqualifies him from the Presidency. It’s his technique! Politics is not roller derby, and the best past presidents didn’t try to ram everything through like a roller derby jammer. The best presidents knew how to get things done while staying in their political lanes.

I know the mistake a lot of us made six years ago. Disillusionment with politicians in general is nothing new. Many of us said, “Let’s elect somebody who isn’t a politician for a change, somebody from the business world.” Many angry Americans still believe that experiment worked. It didn’t.

The hearings into the January sixth, 2021 rioting at the Capitol start this coming week. Mr. Trump and his followers will claim it’s another “witchhunt.” There sure were a lot of claims of witchhuntery during the Trump administration. Way too many! Instead of pointing a partisan finger at the upcoming proceedings, try to see them for what they are, a mild corrective instituted to restore civility and order.

In politics, when things don’t go your way, the best course of action for all concerned is to comply and then complain, not to allege an evil conspiracy! That is true in politics and in life.

In regard to the final few days of ex-president Trumps term in office, the phrase bull in a china shop comes to mind.