From Astronomy magazine April 2021:

“…sometimes individual planets gain velocity and are flung far out into space, escaping their galactic disks.” Page 5 and pages 18-23.

We know of the existence of planetary rogues as well as rogue asteroids, comets, and even stars.

Objects in space may be classified and understood as Rogues based on their speed and trajectories.

One such object, 2I/Borisov, has been clocked at 20 miles (32 kilometers) per second. It’s trajectory tells us it is from somewhere else and on it’s way to somewhere else.

The article postulates several possible causes for Rogues as well as many different types of rogues. Google ploonets and blanets.

Proposed: Let’s brainstorm a bit about the role these rogues might play in a well written story.

What might we learn from a rogue if we could study one up close? Could one contain a Pompeiian like trove of artifacts revealing life from a far distant realm? How might a closer observation be possible? What if a far distant world put a history of that world on a rogue that we could recover somehow?

Leave your initial thoughts or add some research to be read and responded to.

Contribute and collaborate! Our thoughts are ours alone; but if we do share them, they could develop into one or more fine science fiction stories. If you start such a story, let us know about it.