It’s fair to say that both the left and the right (substitute the terms Democrats and Republicans if you prefer) feel they are under siege. I personally am not feeling it!

I read an article recently that outlined a Democrat strategy for gaining a majority. Allow me to paraphrase. In order to win, they should be more like Republicans. Of course, the exact opposite is also true.

Both the Democrats and the Republicans are in wild pursuit of a mythological and unattainable goal, a permanent majority. It is unattainable using the current strategy of demonizing those on the other side of the aisle.

Here’s what will work and what should be done:

We can all agree on the fundamental conservative values as long as they are applied and regulated in an equitable fashion. We don’t like welfare cheats or cheating of any kind. Crimes should be punished and not excused for frivolous reasons. The national debt is obscene and unsustainable. Government bureaucrats, and bureaucrats in general, lack common sense. Parents are often detrimentally permissive of their children. Radicals on the left and the right are not representative of the best American values, and they should be sanctioned. The best Americans are rugged individualists. The best Americans love God or a godly way of life. The best Americas love America or give America the benefit of the doubt and our support when needed. Ordinary people are fundamentally decent for the most part, not just you and your white friends, but all people.

America is far from perfect and would benefit from a closer adherence to the values mentioned above.

Proposed: Let’s live by those values and become the Majority!