One of our biggest topics for argumentation is Climate Change. As always, our opinions are often more persuasive than the actual facts.

Fact # 1: Climate Change Deniers are wrong if they go so far as to say that climate change news is fake. Climate Change is a universal constant. We have known this ever since the last ice age. Our climate is constantly changing, but gradually.

Fact # 2: Since Climate Change is a constant that has been going on forever, it would be a mistake to characterize it as a catastrophe. The sky is not falling, Chicken Little.

If you find it hard to reconcile Fact 1 with Fact 2, welcome to the inevitable dilemma we now face in the modern world.

The genius thinker Freeman Dyson, who died in 2020, is often portrayed as a champion of Climate Change Deniers. He was not. His actual message is that we should not try to do anything “spectacular” to reverse climate change. We should, instead, deal with the problems presented by climate change incrementally and practically as they arise. See the video.