A six-year-old in Virginia shot his teacher a few days ago. There is more to this story than I will be able to cover. I am no expert in deviant behavior or child psychology. I only know a little from a few articles that have been written.

First, the kid has a history of violent and aggressive behavior. It is sad to say that about a six year old, but it’s true. The kid is known to be belligerent and to curse people out, and he physically attacked another teacher a year ago.

He was so bad that one or the other of his parents were supposed to attend school with him, but neither was with him on the day the shooting took place.

On the day of the shooting there were rumors the kid might have a gun. His backpack was searched, but he apparently had the gun in the pouch of his hoodie.

The teacher has recovered with a bullet in her chest. She is suing the school and the school administrators because they stupidly assumed the kid was just a kid and therefore, in their minds, incapable of doing what he did. They were wrong!

The gun belonged to the boy’s mother, who later said that the gun was “secured” in their home. Obviously, the mother is unclear about what the act of securing a 9 MM handgun would entail.

Putting the boy’s unstable mentality aside for a moment, it occurs to me that some people are incapable of performing the duties of parenting.

My thoughts: The kid should have been taken out of regular school sooner. The school administrators should receive a letter in their files for not taking the threat seriously. The parents need to be severely sanctioned, up to and including jail time. The boy needs to spend all of his free time in one-on-one consultation with a trained professional. I personally would not trust that kid with those parents anymore.