The trouble with WinLoseorDraw is that he wastes all his time arguing against the inevitable and complaining almost endlessly about the high levels of conflict we are currently seeing in the society around us.

Come on, WinLoseorDraw. Open your eyes and take a look around. Yes, the conflict is real, but it is not the problem, it is the solution.

The realization that conflict leads ultimately to resolution and progress goes back to Plato and was developed further by Hegel.

Stop trying to eliminate conflict, WinLoseorDraw. The seeds of progress lie in accepting and learning from the conflict, not in trying to convince people that conflict is unproductive. All you have to do is analyze the conflicts, and the solutions will suggest themselves and be revealed.

Conflict # 1: Freedom versus Morality.

Conflict # 2: Social Justice versus Peace and Security.

Conflict # 3: Hierarchical Social structure versus the Rights of the Individual.

Conflict # 4: The benefits of Automation versus the loss of Human value and Human identity.

Conflicts are inherent and inevitable and unavoidable in all four.

Go with the flow WinLoseorDraw! Bide your time! Wait to see how these conflicts will be resolved! Above all, stop pointing out when people fall too decidedly on one side or the other. Nothing you say will have any effect on their overly opinionated opinions.


Temporarily Pessimistic