Google’s Bard is a generative and conversational AI chatbot, similar to ChatGPT and Bing Chat. One of these three or something very much like all three that we don’t know about yet will be a much more prominent feature in our upcoming lives and the lives of our children.

These systems use Large Language Models. Essentially LLM’s are huge databases of human interactions on all subjects which are used to “train” AI to more accurately duplicate typical human output on given intellectual tasks. After “training” AI can generate text and images comparable to what the average human can do. Eventually, it will graduate to generating video. As technology progresses, the results will be more and more useful. The implications for the future are humongous.

One of the biggest impacts will be in the medical field, especially x-ray imaging where it is thought that AI will be able to analyze images and find indications of cancer better than humans.

With apologies to my friends and colleagues who are teachers, AI will also be better at presenting building block information on any subject or discipline. AI will be better at quizzing students as to their level of understanding and mastery of any given concept or topic. AI will become the educational tool of the future, and it will be extremely adept at the Socratic Method, presenting the fundamentals but never jumping ahead to the end, leading students in the desired direction without giving them the answers.

The source of the information that is fed to AI is crucial, but that in itself presents a conundrum. In order for the AI to be flexible and adaptable and up to date it will need to draw from the internet. As we know, the internet is full of accurate and useful information. However, as we also know, it is also rife with crap. The challenge is to correctly filter out the crap, which inevitably leads to these questions: Who is doing the filtering, and what are they filtering in or out?

Many very smart and well-funded people have been working hard on this technology for forty years, and break throughs are suddenly promising. Chat Bots are on the Move. Predictions of how long it will be before AI will accurately mimic all the best aspects of General Intelligence or Knowledge are being bumped up rapidly because the technology is starting to bear fruit. A plausible number is five years, maybe less.

Buckle up!