Call me a boy scout; but if you can’t win fair and square, you don’t deserve to win.

Dominion Voting machines has filed a defamation lawsuit for 1.6 billion dollars against Fox News and its parent company. Fox, as most of us know, undermined the belief in fair and free voting in America by airing the Big Lie that the voting was rigged and stolen.

The trial was supposed to start today. It did not, and the reason for the delay is that Fox is angling for an out of court settlement.

Prediction: There will be a settlement as opposed to a trial. Fox will avoid the embarrassment of a public trial. It’s only money after all. Fox will pay, and then they will go about their business as usual. Their viewers will remain loyal, and Fox will continue to rack in the money.

We, the American people, will end up with a bad taste in our mouths. Otherwise, nothing will change, and that is a shame!