Pictured are Marine veteran Ray Epps and his wife. Also pictured is their motor home. They were forced to sell their non-mobile home and hit the road because of death threats they received after Fox News and Tucker Carlson lied about Ray on National Television.

CBS and 60 Minutes did a profile of Mr. Epps that exposed the Fox News lying last night. If you lie on air and you know you are lying, you are not covered by the First Amendment. Sorry Tucker!

For those who do not know the truth, read on!

Mr. Epps was a member of the Oath Keepers. On the day before and the day of the riots at the capitol building he believed the Big Lie! He came to Washington dressed in Camo and wearing a military backpack and a MAGA hat.

Even though Mr. Epps incorrectly believe the election had been stolen, he went to Washington as a peaceful protester, which is every American’s right. When the demonstrations got violent, he tried to talk the worst of the rioting knuckleheads down. He did not enter the capitol building. He helped an injured man to safety and left.

Not quite the end of the story!

The FBI interviewed Ray Epps, at Ray’s own request, and cleared him.

Still not the end of the story! Fox News and Tucker Carlson needed a scapegoat, and they came down hard on Ray Epps, claiming that the honored veteran was an FBI agent who actually incited the rioting. Absolutely false!

Proposed: Let’s put a stop to the Partisan Political Lying on National Television!