George Orwell was writing and completing his extremely popular dystopian novel, 1984, in 1948. It is believed he arrived at the final title by transposing the last two numbers of the year.

As a writer of fiction, I pay homage to George Orwell’s vision by setting all my fictional work in the Near Future of 2048 or 2084.

Orwell, as you probably know, predicted a totalitarian world with mass surveillance and repressive regimentation.

The future is not entirely subject to George Orwell’s vision, nor to mine. The future is not going to adhere to anyone’s timeline, but Orwell’s predictions will come to pass if we let them.

Orwell’s thoughts about mass surveillance are already well underway. Cameras are not recording our every public move as of yet, but they will be. It will only be a half step from there to recording what we do in private too. After all, if you are not doing anything wrong, what could possibly be your objection?

Crime is already going down. People are safer now than ever.

The future of humanity is bright with nearly unimaginable rewards and benefits, but it cannot be a future based on one vision of propriety at the expense of every other.