All Right Reserved

Gilliver’s Travels

Statement of Rights to future Proceeds (if any)

All Rights Reserved by the project Contributors

(as defined below)

There are currently two and only two contributors to this collaborative online novel.

Any and all Collaborators welcome to post potential contributions (big or small) in the form of comments to this Post!

After consideration by the two existing contributors, potential contributions may be incorporated into the final document.

Collaborators whose non-grammatical and non-editorial additions or revisions to content are used in the final document will be termed Equal Contributors and he or she will be given the opportunity to sit on the project’s editorial board as a full voting member.

Any proceeds arising in any manner from this project will be shared equally by all Equal Contributors.

Please keep in mind that it is only when actual, concrete passages are incorporated into the document that you will be considered for Contributor status.

The project is ongoing. Some of what has been planned has not appeared in the document yet. If you duplicate an idea that has already occurred to WinLoseorDraw, you will be appreciated, but you might not be voted into Contributor status. The two current Contributors will confer and vote. A tie vote will be decided by the flip of a coin.