American Dreamers Labor Party (A.D.L.)

The Pew Research Center calls this group Hard Pressed Skeptics

Surveys of the American public conducted by the Pew Research Center (2014) indicate that they are in substantial agreement with around 13% of the American populace.


We believe that the American government should be doing more to help people in my hard working income bracket. Neither party has done much to help. We believe that government is often inefficient, and we believe the government should do more to solve problems. We are dissatisfied with conditions in our country and our communities. We would like to resurrect the American Dream which is on life support in America right now.

87% of us believe the U.S. should pay less attention to problems overseas and concentrate at home

79% of us believe that Immigrants today are a burden on the country

71% of us believe that Poor people have hard lives because government benefits don’t go far enough

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