Defending and Extending Civil Liberties

Defend and Extend Civil Liberties

Ralph Nader’s perspective paraphrased

From pages 88 and 90 of Unstoppable

Mr. Nader bemoans Ex-President Bush’s “administrative abuses” in the PATRIOT Act. He uses words like “unlawful” and “invasions” to describe it. Furthermore, he points out that passenger searches are “heavy-handed” and cargo is not fully checked.

Mr. Nader believes the abuses of the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) merely went under-ground when it was terminated and de-funded in 2003. He seems to appreciate the efforts of Edward Snowden and others to uncover these “abuses.”

Mr. Nader speaks of the “Left/Right Alliance Against Government Reading Your Email Without a Warrant,” and mentions several organizations on both sides of the political spectrum that apparently back the initiative. He also seems to praise an initiative sponsored by the biggest IT companies called Digital Due Process with the professed goal of protecting their customers’ privacy.

Finally, Mr. Nader appreciates the efforts of the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), and he feels that politicians on the Right need to do more to protect and extend civil liberties.


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