Link the Minimum Wage to Inflation

Link the Minimum Wage to Inflation

Ralph Nader’s perspective paraphrased

From pages 75 and 76 of Unstoppable

Ralph Nader points out that if the 1968 Federal Minimum Wage rate had been linked to Inflation, the current rate would be $10.50 per hour instead of $7.25. I do not think it is unfair to assume that Mr. Nader would be in favor of an immediate increase to somewhere in the $10.00 per hour range.

In general, Mr. Nader believes that some Congressmen and Congresswomen who might otherwise be called Conservatives agree with the need for an adjusted Minimum Wage of some kind to insure the prosperity and well-being of the workforce. Mr. Nader goes on to assert that 70% of voters tend to agree.

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