One Question Quiz Version B

The One Question Quiz:

Version B

Imagine the following shift in the American Political landscape: Both the Democrat Party and the Republican Party split and formulate two new parties. Which of the two, as yet to be created, Party Platforms below resonates most positively with you and your beliefs?

First Party Platform:

Government Hand-outs are wasteful and encourage laziness. Instead of national welfare programs, let’s conduct local referendums on welfare issues.

We should eliminate foreign aide. The rest of the World can take care of itself. We believe in Trade, not aide.

Illegal immigration is a National Nightmare.  1.  Close the borders to illegal immigration and enforce current laws.  2.  Deport all illegals who have committed any crime in addition to illegal entry. 3. Abolish all subsidies, minimum wage and costly employment mandates. 4. Legal Immigration will have to wait until sanity has been restored.

We want to Make America Great Again. Abandon foreign treaties that entangle us needlessly in International squabbles and continue to fund the strategic part of National Defense at high levels.

We need to reverse the trend towards more and more Deficit Spending.

We are in favor of a Balanced Budget Amendment.

We believe the Tax Burden on Americans is insane and that taxes need to be reduced. Government should not be in the business of picking economic winners and losers. Reduce spending and make sure every able-bodied adult contributes equally to the costs associated with running the country. One man one tax.

We believe Government Regulation is stifling Economic Growth.  Some laws, such as traffic laws, anti-pollution, and anti-violence are good, but government needs to stop hampering Free Enterprise.

Or Second Party Platform:

We believe in Government subsidized Community College tuitions for families earning $125,000 or less.

We believe that Medicare should be expanded to cover Americans as young as 55.

We believe Abortion Rights have been correctly and permanently established by the Rowe V. Wade Supreme Court decision.

We believe the Corrupt Bankers who defrauded the Country by selling worthless mortgages prior to 2008 must be put in Jail. The Government must act as a watch dog to protect the rights of its citizens.

We believe in a National Health Care Plan.

We believe that there should be no restrictions on the Right to Collectively bargain.

We believe in a Progressive Tax Plan. The Rich should be taxed at a higher rate in order to financially benefit the Middle and Lower Class.

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