The Electoral Process

Modify the Electoral Process

Ralph Nader’s perspective paraphrased

From pages 86 to 88 of Unstoppable

Ralph uses some pretty tough language when describing the two party system we have. He uses descriptors like: “two-party junta,” “monopoly,” “perverse,” and “tyranny.” He believes that both parties are overly beholden to corporate America which finances their big campaigns. Furthermore, Mr. Nader feels that the two party system works effectively hard to exclude third party candidates and innovative ideas.

His prescription is to broaden the process to allow more choices with debates open to more contenders. He says the American taxpayers should no longer fund the two party conventions nor subsidize the two parties.

Since writing unstoppable Mr. Nader recently appeared on the FOX Business channel (August 7, 2015) to comment on the current Presidential race. He praised the disruptive quality of the Trump campaign. However, he did say that he would not vote for Mr. Trump. He called Mr. Trump, “…the nightmare of the Republican Corporate establishment.”

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