Travels in the Lands of Like-Mindedness 2048

Gilbert Lever is an officer in the Space Force Reserve and a journalist. He investigates an insurrection in Washington D.C., then sleeps in hibernation through a revolution, and awakes in a very different world. Everyone in 2048 has a digital Personal Assistant and Locator (PAL). Gilbert asks his new friend to present as the always cynical Groucho Marx. Together they go on assignment to report on the America he once knew and to discover what it has become, the New Independent Lands of Likemindedness (NILL), a fragile Confederacy, ten unique Lands, each with very distinctive rules and social norms. Like Gulliver from Gulliver’s Travels, Gilbert finds that to observe is to disturb. Will his visitations and the revelations in his report re-ignite the dormant tensions and send his beloved country down the road to divisive conflagration once again?