Off-Budget Spending

How the government ignores Gramm-Rudman

If you wisely decide to create a budget for you and your family, you would first make a list of all income and all expenditures. If you neglect to put your car payment or your house payment on the spending side, you have defeated your intended purpose. A budget after all is useless unless it accurately reflects the crucial ratio of spending to income. Ideally your total income should always exceed your total spending. Otherwise you are on a glide path to disaster.

If your income is equal to or greater than your spending, then your budget is said to be “balanced”.

Would you be surprised to learn that the United States budget is unbalanced? It has been wildly unbalanced since the 1960’s. Every year government spending exceeds government income by many billions of dollars.

In 1985, some thoughtful people in Congress tried to put a stop to this disastrous trend by passing the Gramm-Rudman balanced budget amendment. It didn’t work!

It didn’t work because the government does not put all its spending into its budget. They don’t even try to hide it. They literally call it “off-budget spending”. Giving it a name does not make it legitimate or okay!

Foreign governments do not have to plot against us. They can just wait for us to implode.

Off-Budget Spending is a crime against us and our children. Please band together to make sure it is eliminated!