The New Golden Rule

Ages old question: What is the True Nature of Mankind?

Christianity and many religions across the world teach us that Mankind is far from perfect if not inherently evil. There is more than a grain of truth in those teachings. Take Ted Bundy or Richard Speck or Adam Lanza as prime examples of humans who were seduced by the Dark Side.

Some men and women can incorrectly rationalize violence towards others. Therefore mankind, as a species, has clearly not evolved as much as we need to evolve.

Fortunately, most people are not like Ted Bundy or Richard Speck, or Adam Lanza. For lack of a better word, most people are “good”. We sometimes glorify and nurture the “badness” in ourselves and in others, but overall our higher values are always in play.

Our best qualities and traits have been with us from our very first moments. The traits of cooperation and loyalty date back to when the Cave Men and the Cave Ladies were living in the Caves trying very hard to survive.

The Golden Rule is a nice ideal, but it doesn’t really work in today’s world. It has probably never really worked on a practical level. If you “turn the other cheek”, some people will just slap you again, possible even harder.

Mankind’s dualistic nature is the reason the Golden Rule needs to be updated and revised.

Here’s a better prescription: Always initially greet people with an open hand and an open mind; but after that, give them back whatever they give to you. Always meet kindness with kindness, but always be ready to meet evil with legally sanctioned retribution of equal amplitude.

Let’s call this the New Golden Rule.