Washington, Jefferson, Teddy Roosevelt, and Lincoln on Mt. Rushmore.

A sculptor named Borglum chose the four because he thought they led the country during important times and made decisions that shaped the future of the country.

I would not disagree with any of those choices, and I would add that those four led us through important and difficult times. They did not create the difficulties in which we found ourselves, as at least one more recent president has done.

It’s the times in which the woman or man finds her or himself that often brings out the good qualities and makes the individual someone for us to look up to. Unfortunately, the opposite is also sometimes true.

There will be difficult times ahead.

Proposed: Let’s start planning now and start a go-fund it for the next four faces to go up on the side of that mountain. We know not what gender, complexion, or ethnicity those faces might be, but we do know that when problems inevitably arise, someone of good character will be available. Hopefully those will be the people we will have elected.