Happy New Year!

Forget the well-meaning promises to cut back on the things you like. Those are just a waste of time. Getting more exercise would be good, but there’s a better one, one that will benefit you and simultaneously, everyone else.

Before I reveal the best possible resolution, let’s look ahead to 2023.

In 2023, you and I will go about our business as usual. We will exercise our free will by driving and walking, visiting, shopping, and generally seeing the sights on this great planet of ours; and while we are out and about, we will inevitably see many people who choose to live differently, dress differently, and believe differently than ourselves. The world is a big place, full of all kinds of people.

I, personally, do not dye my hair any awkward shades of purple or pink. I don’t have a pierced nose or nipples or anything else. I still don’t have any tattoos, though I am considering getting one of a squashed yellow bug on the bottom of my foot.

My point is this: when we see someone different than ourselves, one of two things will automatically come to mind. We will either think “Live and let live!” or we will think “My way or the Highway”. I recommend the former, not the latter.

Don’t spend 2023 judging those “books” by their cover.

Let’s make it a Live and Let Live Year!