We have Representative Democracy here in America which would be fine if our Representatives were not so easily bought and paid for, both sides of the aisle.

When the FBI executed a search of Democrat Congressman Bob Menendez two years ago, they found corruption: $480,000.00 in cash and gold bars, an expensive car, and evidence of payments received in exchange for his powerful influence on behalf of foreign governments and individuals. He chaired the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, but he was not supposed to be using that position for personal financial gain.

Martha Stewart went to jail for Insider Trading on the Stock Market, but our Congressional Representatives are doing the same thing and getting away with it. Some studies show that Hedge Funds beat the Stock Market average by 7% and that some elected officials in Congress “hit the jackpot” by beating the Stock Market average by 12%. They are not smart. They just take advantage of Insider Information. Democrat Alan Lowenthal of California sold his Boeing stock one day before his Congressional Committee published a damaging report on the Boeing 737 Max plane. In 2020, North Carolina Senator Richard Burr benefited from a private briefing on the likely effects on the economy that would occur as a result of the coming Covid Pandemic. He sold his stocks before the information was made public.

Bills have been introduced to prevent Congressional men and women from profiting in the Stock Market at our expense, but Congress never has allowed those bills to come up for a vote.

Our Free-Market Economy depends on everyone having access to the same information, but that isn’t happening.

You and I could buy a Congressional Representative a ham sandwich, but they would not technically be allowed to accept it. Instead, Political Action Committees (PAC’s) turn donations into Slush Funds that treat members of Congress to luxurious hotel stays and exotic trips. Kirsten Gillibrand and Ted Cruz both benefited in that way. Rand Paul got golf lessons. Senator Mike Lee of Utah got a ski trip and lunch for himself and 22 friends.

Senate leader Chuck Grassley received $370,000.00 in farm subsidies due to legislation that he got passed. California Representative Doug LaMalfa benefited by receiving 5.3 million for his farm which is a kind of fake farm called a “Gentlemen’s Farm”. A Gentleman’s Farm is a type of country property with acreage where the owners don’t rely on farming for their livelihood.

Missouri Senator Roy Blunt got his wife and three children lucrative jobs as lobbyists. He seemed surprised that anyone would question that and said, “Everybody’s family does something.” Well said, Roy! But most of our family members are working at Walmart!

Ivanka Trump’s patents were “Green Lighted” and “Fast Tracked” by the Chinese government after Donald Trump was elected President. Jared Kushner got a 2 billion dollar investment from Saudi Arabia, no questions asked.

Hunter Biden got a position on the board of a Ukrainian Energy company, Burisma.

And on the Supreme Court, a company financed a luxury Winnebago ($262,230.00) for Clarence Thomas.

In the Supreme Court decision McDonnell versus the United States, the Supreme Court ruled that the mere appearance of corruption is not enough.

Proposed: Let’s ask the Supreme Court to take another look at this issue.