A lot of my best friends identify as Conservative which is good. However, as I have always said, in today’s divisive political climate, we have a lot of misidentification and inappropriate labeling. Don’t be a CINO (Conservative In Name Only)!

A recent AI search tells me Conservatism means belief in the following: 1. Aversion to rapid change, 2. Embrace of Tradition, 3. Preserving Constitutional Principles, 4. Traditional Morality, 5. Free Market Capitalism, 6. And 7. Belief in National Exceptionalism and Greatness, 8. Localism and Family Ties, 9. Non-Interventionist Foreign Policy, and 10. The Freedom to live as we please within the Law.

What we do not find in the definition above are: 1. Falsifying business records and cheating on your taxes, 2. Adulterous behavior such as screwing a porn star in a hotel room behind your wife’s back, and 3. Being a political bully who deals in false narratives and lies.

Don’t be a CINO!