Question: Do you want to know what the first lesson an American politician learns?

Answer: Never directly take a stance on any issue!

The Reason: Taking a stance on any issue loses votes.

The most an American politician will do is castigate and attack something an opponent has said or voice an objection to something that has been done. In this way, they can imply a stance without actually taking one. If questioned, they will quickly moderate their statements to make sure to sound reasonable to as many people as possible.

Both sides of the aisle!

Question: Would you like to know why?

Answer: They quickly learn what you and I will respond to, and that isn’t a sensible discussion of policies.

Last night, the presidential debate attempted but failed to discuss the issues.

Instead, it was all about trying to make the other guy look bad, so in one sad sense it succeeded.

This morning, none of the headlines are about the issues.

Top headline on my newsfeed this morning: “Biden stumbles in fiery debate as Trump spreads falsehoods.”

If you listen to the media recaps today, you will hear little to no discussion about what either candidate would seek to do about any of the issues.

Come on America! We can do better than this!