The Purpose of Life and the Reality of Life

The Purpose of human life is to move towards the betterment of the species. The reality of life is a rewarding struggle through adversity.

Christianity offers us Jesus as a role model. What would Jesus do? If asking yourself that question leads you to become more Christ-like, then you are obviously contributing to the betterment of Mankind and helping to fulfill the Purpose of human existence.

In the late seventeen and early eighteen-hundreds, the British philosophers Jeremy Bentham and John Stuart Mill were also pointing in the right direction. They developed the ideals of Utilitarianism, which had a very positive impact on America. The central idea of Utilitarianism is to base morality and ethical behavior on “… the greatest good for the greatest number”. That is the essence of our Democratic way of life.

The Cynics among you may have just mentally or verbally asked the following question: “Who decides the greatest good?” The answer is “… the greatest good” is never left in the hands of any specific individual or group. The greatest good is decided by Laws, sometimes transitory and inaccurate, which are later modified to make them less and less inaccurate throughout the course of time.

The President is not exempt from the Law. No one is, nor should they be. Even if an American of predominantly African descent has been frequently subjected to overt and covert racism, he or she is not exempt from the Law.

Comply with the Law at all times; and if you feel you are being treated unfairly, complain. If you are being treated unfairly, you have a duty to yourself and to all other humans to complain.

The child says, “That’s not fair!” The parent says, “Who ever told you that life is fair?”

We are not going to attain our goals overnight.