The One Question Quiz:

Below you will find four distinct sets of political statements/opinions. Each group of statements is meant to be representative of a distinct group of American voters. Therefore, the four sets of statements are theoretical Party Platforms for four, as yet to be created, Political Parties. After reading through the four platforms, ask yourself this question: Which of the four resonates most positively with you and your beliefs? Make a mental note. Your answer is for you and you alone.

Be sure to click on the link at the end of this page to read an explanation of the thinking that has gone into The One Question Quiz.

First Platform:

We should eliminate welfare. Government Hand-outs are wasteful and encourage laziness.

We should eliminate foreign aide. Trade, not aide. The rest of the World can take care of itself.

We should close American borders because some immigrants are criminals and most immigrants are a drain on our National Resources.

We want to Make America Great Again. American Government needs to undergo a period of Reform.

Or Second Platform:

We need to reverse the trend towards more and more Deficit Spending.

We are in favor of a Balanced Budget Amendment.

We believe in Less Restricted Free Trade with countries around the World.

We believe the Tax Burden on Americans is insane and that taxes needs to be reduced.

We believe too much Government Regulation of Businesses is stifling Economic Growth.

We believe in a well-organized and well-regulated immigration policy in order to provide for mutually beneficial Legal Immigration.

Or Third Platform:

We believe in Subsidizing Community College tuitions for families earning $125,000 or less.

We believe that Medicare should be expanded to cover Americans as young as 55.

We believe Abortion Rights should be Unrestricted.

We believe the Corrupt Bankers who defrauded the Country by selling worthless mortgages prior to 2008 must be put in Jail.

We believe in a National Health Care Plan.

We believe that there should be no restrictions on the Right to Collectively bargain.

Or Fourth Platform:

We are in favor of a Balanced Budget Amendment.

We believe the Fabulously Rich should be taxed at a higher rate in order to financially benefit the Middle and Lower Class.

We believe America should support Collective Bargaining Rights, but also protect businesses and employers from costly and disruptive Strikes.


Please click Here to read a brief Analysis and Explanation of the One Question Quiz. Should you choose to do so, you will also find a link to a Version B of the One Question Quiz with only two options instead of four.