A chess player who uses the screen name Timbeau wrote “There is only one political party in the US and it has two wings: One is called Democrat and the other Republican. The fundamental differences are non-existent. Both have a long history of managing the country on behalf of Big Business.”

True enough and very insightful, considering how much the Democrats and Republicans seem to be at odds. However, Timbeau cannot escape the implication that the underlying collusion between the two parties is a bad thing. It’s actually a good thing. Free Enterprise is one of our two most important principles here in the greatest country on the face of the Earth. Strong business equals a strong America. Anybody who doesn’t see that is unaware of how the world works.

By the way, our other most important principle is Equality before the Law. That’s the principle that needs support and strengthening right now.

Proposed: Americans, join the Reform Party. Make sure we support our own values by being fiscally conservative and moderate on social issues.