I am so lost for words, for admonitions, for criticisms at the sight of this: https://www.cbsnews.com/…/vandals-spray-paint-maga…/… How can any American see this and not have his knees buckle in weakness of the greatest horror, his stomach churn with a feeling of innate injustice, his chest constrict as if he could rationalize? There is not one crime here. There are four: 1) the desecration of the memorials of the dead, a crime in the American penal codes; 2) the crime of persecuting people because they follow their God to whom they are called, a violation of the Natural Rights with which ALL humans are unconditionally endowed, 3) any suggestion or statement that prejudice, bigotry, or discrimination is in any way patriotic or pro-American; this is a fundamental crime against every ideal, every principle, every law, every vote, every meeting of government, every drop of blood, every bead of sweat, every tear shed, and every American life that ever was, is, and will be. This is a crime against Nation, an act of war, against the character of this Nation, her traditions, and her peoples. 4) Inaction. Inaction from good men, women, children. Inaction is crime. To whom, or against whom, do we commit this crime? Ourselves, our forbearers, our children, all of posterity, and every victim of the third crime. And if, We, the American People, fail to take action against such evils, by which rights have we to demonym? None. We would no longer be Americans, we could be Cowards, Accomplices to Injustice. We would become, in one swift step, those against whom Our Nation was founded, when it was founded on the principle that We would serve as a Beacon of Humanity to the World.

by Christopher Levkoff