The most insidious development in the dysfunctional political environment is that obviously brainwashed individuals make feeble attempts to brainwash others with the ridiculous propaganda they have internalized. It’s worse than just letting themselves be brainwashed. They have become addicted to the messaging and then try to spread it.

“Most public schools have been taken over by leftists.”

As a public school educator for 33 years, I can tell you for sure that one is untrue. “Leftists” are not hiding behind every bush waiting to jump out and corrupt you. They do exist, but in small numbers, and those numbers are very small in the field of education. Here is a fact for the brainwashed brainwashers to chew on. There are hard working educators on every side of the political spectrum. Most, by far, are moderate or right of center.

“Most public schools brainwash their students into believing that Blacks are suppressed.”

No, public schools present the facts as they exist. Brainwashed brainwashers don’t like hearing those facts. Get over it brainwashed brainwashers. Here is a fact for you to chew on. All of society works hard to ensure that blacks have equal opportunities before the law. That’s the American way and the way all over the globe. In other words, it’s the right way. Unfortunately, brainwashed brainwashers want to portray our healthy civic consciousness as a plot or conspiracy. Sorry brainwashed brainwashers, that’s not going to fly any more.

“Public schools teach that all Whites are racist.”

Wrong, but we are steadily building a case that brainwashed brainwashers are.