A friend on another forum asked, “What is Liberal Democracy, and is it the hope for humanity?”

Liberal Democracy is a redundancy. Both Liberal ideals and Democratic ideals have the same overall goals of wrestling power away from the powerful and the elite and investing that power more diffusely at the grass roots of individual people. Yes, it is the “hope” for humanity and, I believe, the inevitable future.

If you are a brainwashed brainwasher, you are prone to mis-characterizing liberals as socialists. Communism and Socialism are the opposite in fact. Those isms seek to concentrate power in the hands of a few dictatorial elites who make all the decisions for everyone.

The only problem with true Liberal Democracy is that many individuals are not prepared for self-government. Many people just repeat the words of their favorite bloviator and vehemently proclaim that they are the only ones with a handle on the truth. They read the Enquirer and promote every conspiracy theory they hear. 

Proposed: Let’s stop trying to build the future by tearing down the past. The best we can hope for in today’s world is the kind of governmental representatives that Aristotle called for, representatives from the middle class, not the rich (too self-serving) and not the poor (too envious and jealous). In the long run, however, the slow but steady pace of humanity is, and should be, slowly moving towards a more liberal and liberating form of Democracy. The slow pace is necessary to avoid the kinds of blind enthusiasms that hit America on January 6th.