Today on the CBS Sunday morning show, a three tour American veteran, Master Sargent Travis Mills, spoke words of encouragement to other veterans and Gold Star families who may be feeling let down and disappointed at the way the war has ended. His speech was laced with a three-word refrain, “We did good!”

He specifically mentioned the facts that we built schools and hospitals there, brought advances in modern medicine, and gave the Afghani infrastructure and economy an important boost.

We should all admire those who do the things that we could not do, and Sargent Mills certainly deserves our admiration and our thanks. The words “We did good!” coming from that patriot and defender of Democracy, should never be questioned or second guessed in any way.

Forgive me! We did good, but we lost a lot of fine young men and women, and a lot of our money ended up in the wrong hands.

Sargent Mills also said, “We probably should have left Afghanistan a long time ago.”

Respectfully! We should have never been there at all. All the good we did could have certainly been done without the catastrophic losses.