Many people say, “It is not enough to just take a stand. Now we must demonize and destroy anyone who doesn’t stand with us.” Well, I choose to take a stand against the highly partisan rhetoric that dominates the political landscape these days! I’m against it! And I call on all thinking Americans to see past this barrage of negativity coming from both sides and pick two good and honest candidates next time.

There are four factions in American politics today: Hard Left, Moderate Democrats, Moderate Republicans, and Hard Right.

The time has come to stop voting against and to start voting for. It won’t be easy!

We all want, or should want, a Just government that the stands for Freedom for all. Let’s just agree that a just government is not composed of people who want to stifle the rights of others to speak their grievances, right or wrong. Let’s agree that a just government does not use hyperbolic fakery like the Sophists of ancient Greece. Let’s agree that a just government is not composed of people who arm themselves and storm the capital nor of people who condone violence and destruction of any kind.

How do we find a good and honest candidate for 2024? As I said, it won’t be easy.

The problem lies in naming someone good and honest that everyone already knows.  Often, we can only judge a politician’s true character at the end of their lives. Then they die on us. There have been some on both sides of the aisle who stayed good and honest throughout their lives. I have heard lots of people still praising the name of Jimmy Carter.  I can also think of a couple of dead Republicans who fit the bill: Howard Baker and Colin Powell. It’s too late to bring two of those back and, considering ex-president Carter’s age and health, all three.

A discussion board contributor named Virtuous recently put forward the following list of possibles: Tulsi Gabbard, Joe Lieberman, Mark Warner, Al Gore, Mike Pence, Nikki Haley, Marco Rubio, and Ted Cruz!

I appreciate that candidates on both sides of the Great Divide are represented in that list. I also appreciate that most, if not all, could be considered moderates, or at least not extreme. Choosing two moderates (one from each party) is crucial for the health and well-being of our great nation!

Rarely do I go all the way to making an actual prediction, so make a note of this: No matter who the Republicans choose, that candidate will win. The American voting populace loves to vote out the incumbents, and the Republican base is wildly (sometimes too wildly) motivated. I make that prediction 100% free of partisan loyalty.

The worst possible slate would be something like Alexandra Ocasio Cortez versus the Trumpster.

But we are looking for good and honest candidates, not rabble rousers. I will pick one from Virtuous’ list for further discussion, Mike Pence.

He is good and honest. He’s a family man and he devotes a goodly part of his concerns to his Christian values (unlike the fake devotion of D.T.). He represents well the traditional values that Republicans tend to admire.

Sure, The Donald has tried his best to submarine the potential for a Pence candidacy, but that doesn’t mean it wouldn’t be a good choice, and a smart choice, too.

The primaries will be your chance to show your true colors, Republicans. They will also be a chance for all of us to put a lid on the simmering pot of anarchy!

Proposed: Let’s snuff out the fires and get back down to business.