My name is John Anon, short for John Anonymous, and I am the resurrected spirit of the British Inspiration for the Founding Fathers, John Locke. I have come back from the grave to put one or two things right that my cousin Q seems to have gotten wrong!

It was recently reported in the Times of Israel (based on 2021 polling data by the conservative American Enterprise Institute) that 29% of Republicans believe in a secret battle between the forces of morality and a group of highly placed and influential child sex traffickers that include prominent Democrats and Hollywood elites. I suspect partisan hyperbole used to support an anti-Republican agenda, and I believe that number has been seriously inflated; because I do not believe that many Republicans are anywhere near that delusional.

At worst, I would guess that it amuses some Republicans to say things about Democrats that they know to be false. In other words, political sincerity is now a thing of the past. Which brings me to my cousin, Q.

Personally, I am all for battling pedophiles and child sex-traffickers, but I believe you misplace the attribution for those crimes, Q. Admittedly, I have precious little experience with the type, but I do have serious doubts that those deviant individuals have any kind of hard-and-fast political persuasions. The two things just don’t fit! So, Q, give it a rest! For your information there are nut bags out there who take that crap seriously!

Another thing, Q, is this thing about “TakeTheOath”. The oath uses the hashtag WWG1WGA (Where We Go One, We Go All). The phrase is reported to have been engraved on the bell of ex-president John F. Kennedy’s sailboat, and that would seem to be an appropriate sentiment in that context, given Kennedy’s heroic efforts to rescue a wounded shipmate, in spite of his own wounds, from the PT boat 109. Again, in essence, I agree! I would certainly like to see us all banded together in a common cause, but I detect a certain air of partisanship in the way you seem to be using the oath, Q. It strikes me as having more of an us against them kind of flavor. So, Q, when you take the oath, make sure you remember that last part. We sink or swim together! Another version of the oath is readily available and has never gone out of style. It’s the Pledge of Allegiance!

Q, you say there is a Storm coming. Once again, I agree with you completely, and the sooner the better. The Founding Fathers led us in a revolution designed to rid us, once and for all, from the pernicious and destructive domination of monarchical elites, and for a while, we enjoyed the benefits of that revolution, the reinvigorating renaissance of egalitarianism. But lately and sadly, we have allowed big money to reestablish a system of political elites perched atop both sides of the aisle. Let’s “Drain the Swamp,” but I have difficulty swallowing your descriptive details of the coming Storm. You say those same powerful elites mentioned above are the ones who need to be swept away in a legal tsunami of retribution. but Q, stop the baseless accusations about who the enemy is. The enemy is us! We created the system. We must now do the hard work of reforming it!