Here in America, we could paraphrase J.F.K’s words, as follows: We prefer the Rule of Law in the age of self-determination to unfettered lawlessness.

America began in the historic fight for Self-determination known as the Revolutionary War. The desire to have our own way is deeply rooted in our DNA. It defines us on the World Stage, and it is our greatest asset. Unfortunately, we also suffer from a corollary attitudinal flaw, the belief that the rules somehow do not apply to us. We can see that tendency playing out in the large  resistance to mask mandates and vaccines. Many Americans live by the following wrong-headed doctrine, Can’t Nobody Tell Me Nothin!

America’s dualism is especially at logger-heads on the political scene. The Founding Fathers chose a system of Representative Democracy for us, but we the people almost never endorse the agendas our representatives set for us. Nothing they do in Washington ever seems to fit. Every initiative is met with outraged consternation.

Proposed: Let’s try to find a balance between the outcomes we would personally like to see and what is ultimately best for our country.