George Carlin (deceased) is in my all-time top three of funny people, if not number one. For me the other two are Lenny Bruce and Richard Pryor (before he burned his face off). Chris Rock is very funny, and there are others, men and women, who thankfully make me laugh, but this post isn’t about them.

As funny as George Carlin was, I almost wish he hadn’t taken on political correctness. Some people have taken his routines too seriously. Some on the right choose to hyperbolize it into an authoritarian attempt at mind control.

PC language, policies, or measures are no longer seen as push back against bad manners. Political Correctness has become an unfortunate political football in the liberal versus conservative culture wars.

Back in the sixties people on the left started using the term as a satirical put down of conservatives who sometimes seem to take political orthodoxy too seriously.

Today, you are much more likely to hear the term used as a pejorative put down of the left.

In turn, commentators on the left react by claiming that conservatives use the concept of political correctness to downplay and divert attention from discrimination and racism.

Political Correctness started as pushback against pejorative speech, but now there is push back to the push back, Reverse Political Correctness (RPC). Or should we just drop the word Reverse and call it what it is? It’s still just push back on pejorative speech, but now it’s being fired as cannon shot from the other side of the political barricades.

On a different platform, a contributor said. “Political Correctness is a shit idea. Change my mind.” Some other contributors agreed by adding windage to the echo chamber; but when asked for one concrete example, they struggled for a while to come up with one.

One said, “Biden’s speech months ago where he instructed vaccinated people to be angry with the unvaccinated.”

Overlooking the obvious reinterpretation of President Biden’s words, President Biden is entitled to his opinion that anti-vaxxers are knuckleheads, and WinLoseorDraw agrees. A mere statement of opinion, even by the president, is not an example of the dreaded phenomenon, Political Correctness. People in America still have the right to express opinion.

Another contributor said, “The Body Positivity movement. This has emerged because we are now disallowed to call people fat….the sin of it forces us to go along with these land whales…”

Nobody is preventing anyone from calling a fat person “fat”. If you want to be rude, do so! You won’t be very popular, but that will be the trade off you have chosen. Good manners are not being “forced” on anyone, or not much more than they always have been. Thanks Mom!

Another comment was: “Nowadays your uncle is your uncle on Thursday and on Saturday tells you that he’s your Aunt, and political correctness tells us we must nod, smile and go along with this delusion.”

As mentioned above, your reactions are still your own. The next time you encounter a transgender person, keep that in mind. Also, try to keep the phrase “live and let live” firmly at the forefront of your thinking.

One comment was: “The forums here are overrun with examples of political correctness. Take your pick: extreme media bias, teachers and professors having to pander to gender neutral terminology (thought police), support for the Marxist BLM that doesn’t really care about blacks, avoidance of anything critical of Islam, the requisite gay scene in all things Hollywood, etc etc.”

Responses to each point in turn were as follows:

You are free to choose your media outlet. There is bias available and favoring both sides of the aisle.

I am unaware of any educators being arrested for using the traditional pronouns.

Are there marxists involved in the BLM? Probably! But political correctness implies they are somehow influencing our thinking. Not happening as far as I know!

There is push back on criticism of the religion of Islam in general, but we are still united against extremist Islamic terrorism. If he was still alive, you could ask Amir Muhammad Sa’id Abdal-Rahman al-Mawla.

There does seem to be a “requisite gay scene” on many entertainment venues and television commercials, or more of them at least. If it bothers you, Vote with your Remote! There are better ways to spend our time!

Proposed: Let’s make room for inclusive language that refuses to marginalize and exclude.