Let’s play the most popular game! The game of predicting the future has been around forever, but let’s give it a new name. Prognostication! We do not need to wait for Milton Bradley. Everybody gets to play!

I’ll start:

In the future, we will no longer have privacy in any public space. Our vaunted rights of privacy will become much more secondary in favor of a world free from crimes of larceny, which will technically still be possible, but impossible to commit without immediate detection.

Cameras will be everywhere, but they will be smart cameras that will recognize you and “know” you. If you saw the movie Minority Report, you will remember that when the main character walked into a store the digital displays immediately tried to interest him in making purchases targeted to his known interests and proclivities. That kind of tailored commercialism is already a part of our daily lives.

The part Minority Report got wrong is the store. There will be no need in the future for brick-and-mortar shopping.

While everybody everywhere will be under constant surveillance when in public, we will have semi-private spaces. Our homes will be privacy bubbles. Our movements and actions inside our houses will generally be unavailable to the outside world unless the authorities have good reason to get a court order and access our personal recordings. Everything we do will be recorded, so when we misplace our sunglasses our smart bubble will tell where they are. Then we can order the groceries which will be automatically delivered by Vertical Take off and Landing (VTOL) drones.

Autonomous vehicular traffic will be obsolete. You will have to pay to rent a closed track for the nostalgic pleasure of driving your own car; but traffic accidents and traffic deaths will be almost completely eliminated.

Your turn!