One recent topic in the news has mentioned that private emails sent back and forth by Fox News analysts discussed the fact that ex-President Trump’s claims of a stolen election were false. These emails were written at the same time that Fox News content on-air presented the stolen election rants as plausible and of legitimate concern. In other words, their personal beliefs had zero effect on their coverage which was designed to aggravate, agitate, and incense Republican voters. Why? Because angry content boosts ratings.

Don’t get me wrong! It is not my contention that Fox News is the only guilty party. The same kind of anger orientated content is being deployed throughout the media, because slanting a story towards anger and disgust, and disdain draws eyeballs; and attracting your attention is all the media cares about. So there, Mr. and Mrs. Clickbait!

When are we going to stop letting ourselves be pawns in the Culture Wars? How much longer will we allow ourselves to be pushed into one or the other of two warring camps?

In 2019 Facebook conducted an experiment by creating an imaginary facebooker they named Carol Smith. They had “Carol Smith” like Donald Trump, Melania Trump, and Fox News. In just two days “she” found recommendations and links for “her” to visit a Qanon site.

Proposed: Let’s all go on holiday from Social Media and rabble rousing political campaigns and learn to have a civil discussion with our neighbors.