Stop worrying about what Chat Bots will do to us. Start worrying about what we will do to ourselves using this new and emerging technology.

The Bulimia Project asked image generators Dall-E 2, Stable Diffusion, and Midjourney to create the perfect female body specifically according to social media in 2023, followed by the same prompt but for males.

What in the Jumping Jack Josephus did they think was going to happen? Were they expecting the AI machine to pop out a picture of Lizzo or Fat Albert?

It should make us wonder! The Bulimia Project spends all its time and energy fighting against social media images that represent a stereotypical ideal of so-called perfection then turns around and uses AI to create some.

They did not ask for images of the smartest, kindest, or most humanitarian humans. They asked for images of the perfect body. Congratulations Bulimia Project. You asked AI to add to your nightmares, and AI obliged you.

I found an article about this. The title was “This Is What AI Thinks Is The “Perfect” Man and Woman”. The subtitle was “AI has unrealistic expectations of humans”.

AI doesn’t think or have expectations, realistic or otherwise.

These are some very real problems and challenges already facing us and they are bound to increase, not diminish.

Proposed: Let’s get this right from the start! Don’t blame AI! We humans will be the authors of our own discontent.