Three months ago, Palestinian militants made the mistake of conducting a military operation into the area east of Gaza (AKA the West Bank). Inevitably, Israel retaliated with far superior force, killing militants and civilians alike.

I asked AI if Palestinians can live and work freely in that area, and AI says, “The situation in the area east of Gaza is complex and has been a source of conflict between Israelis and Palestinians for decades. The Israeli government has established Jewish settlements in the West Bank, including the area east of Gaza, which are considered illegal under international law.”

Note: International Law has made some toothless proclamations to the effect that these Jewish settlements are somehow illegal.

AI also says, “Palestinians living in the area face restrictions on their movement and access to resources, including water and land, due to the presence of these settlements.”

Note: Democratically speaking, that is not the preferred way!

AI says, “According to a UN report, Israeli settlements ‘systematically erode the viability of a Palestinian State as part of a two-State solution’. While Palestinians are allowed to live in the West Bank, they face significant challenges in doing so, including restrictions on their freedom of movement and access to resources. It is important to note that the situation is complex and there are many factors at play.”

Note: Recent news has made it clear that Israelis living in these settlements routinely fortify their homes with bunkers and safe rooms. If you have to fortify your home, maybe you should consider living somewhere else.

Don’t give me any biblical prophesy. That carries no weight with me!

The current American response is to say something like “Gee, we wish you Israelis would try to kill fewer civilians. It is time for the American policy to be more forceful in brokering an end to the bloodshed!