The Eight Party System

                                                                        I prefer clarity over agreement” Dennis Prager

One of the most famous Delphic Maxims inscribed by the ancient Greeks on the Temple at Delphi has been translated as “Know Thyself”.



The Democrat and Republican parties are destroying the political health of our nation. The DNC (Democrat National Committee) and the RNC (Republican National Committee) have seized control of the entire process, and they claim to represent nearly half the America populace each. They don’t.

The Pew Research Center for U.S. Politics and Policy has identified eight different political types of roughly equal proportions.

The eight distinct political types suggest the possibility of eight unique political parties instead of the current, outdated two.

Proposed: Let’s all unregister! Let’s help Found the eight political parties that truly do represent us. Let’s chop a hole in the roof of American politics and let in some light!

The Data is from Pew Research from 2014.  The full Pew research report is available through a link provided at the end of this document. The material in this document has modified the Pew research materials in the following five ways: 1.Adverbs have been removed from the Party/Group descriptors to increase impartiality. 2.References to gender, age, and wealth have been removed to reduce a natural tendency towards bias. 3.Party/Group names (where indicated) have been added. 4.The Pew research divides the political landscape into three partisan groups, four less partisan and less predictable groups, and a group of politically inactive. The four less partisan groups are presented first in this document. 5.The order of presentation of the four moderate groups has been changed by moving one group ahead of another in order to juxtapose the first two groups.

Below are the eight emblems or icons proposed for each of the eight future parties. Double Click on each picture to view that party’s descriptors. Each of the eight Political Types described represent  a segment of American society that self describes themselves the same way. Remember that each of the eight segments of American society are roughly the same as to size of the population (between ten and sixteen percent each as of the 2014 Pew Research Center report).

Once you have chosen the Party that seems to describe you best, return to this page (Back Button at the end of each Party Page) and Post your new Party Affiliation in the form of a Comment. When you Comment, you will be asked for a Name. You are encouraged to use any Name that strikes your fancy. You will also be asked for an email address. Please be reassured that only WinLoseorDraw will see your email address, and he is definitely not sharing it with anyone.


The Eight Party System

The four Less Partisan Groups

Small Government Independents (S.G.I.)


Big Government Independents (B.G.I.)


American Dreamers Labor Party (A.D.L.)


Faith and Family Firsters (F.&F.F.)


The three Partisan Groups

Steadfast Conservative (S.C.)


Business Conservative (B.C.)


Liberals and Progressives (L.&P.)


The Politically Inactive Group

Bystanders and Disaffected (B.&D.)


Please declare your Party Affiliation by typing a Comment below! If you chose to use a pseudonym, your anonymity is guaranteed.

Once one hundred (100) people affiliate with any one Party, papers will be filed to make the Party officially recognized.

Also, after you have made your Party Declaration, please follow this link to see the Pew research report entitled The Political Typology beyond Red versus Blue:

You might like to take their seventeen question quiz which helps to further refine your personal profile.