If asked yesterday, I would have preferred Rice. In hindsight (always the clearest and most accurate sight) I think Biden made the best choice. Kamala is the more edgy and feisty of the two, so she makes a good addition to the ticket in that respect. President Trump may say that the Republicans wanted Joe to pick her, but I doubt it. Mike Pence is no light-weight, but the VP debates just got more interesting.

I am no political consultant, but here is my unsolicited advice to the Democrats: Go with the up with women scenario. Don’t downplay the women of color scenario, but don’t make it the centerpiece. A lot of women without color, like my wife, are feeling marginalized. Give women without color something to feel good about, and that will translate into a gain in the vote count.

I am happy for this moment in the sun for women of color; but if they keep beating that drum so loudly, they may lose as many votes as they gain.


I’ll say it again. Popularity contests are not the best method of choosing our national leaders. They aren’t even the best way to choose a prom queen.